SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs

SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs
SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs
SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs
SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs

SK Cosmetics Secret Lift Tapes - 40 pcs

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For maximum hold, and before applying Secret Lift tapes, make sure hands and skin are free of oil, makeup, talcum or moisturizer
Use alcohol to clean and let dry
Also, with a piece of scotch tape, pat the area where you will apply the tapes, this will remove dead skin cells, clean the pores and ensure strong adhesion

- Step One: Gather top front part of your hair up and away from ears (sketch 1)
- Step Two: For face life, take 2 lifting and adhesive tapes (sketch 2)
- Step Three: Do not remove backing from adhesive area of the tape yet
- Step Four: Insert the metal barb (sketch 3) of the adjustable elastic band A (with knots) In the top hole from the adhesive side of the tape
- Step Five: Take another tape and repeat step 4 using the elastic band B (with hook)
- Step Six: Before removing the entire backing of the tapes, pinpoint the positioning of the tapes in front of your ears (sketch 4), adhesive side of the tapes should adhere to your skin and not to your hair
- Step Seven: Once you feel comfortable with the positioning, remove the entire backing of the tapes (one at a time) without touching the adhesive, apply to front of left and right ear
- Press firmly and rub with fingers for 30 seconds (sketch 5) to adhere properly
- Step Eight: By pulling together elastic bands from both sides, place hook around one of the knots (sketch 6), depending on the face lift you wish to achieve
- Step Nine: You may move the elastic band up or down as needed (sketch 7)

For Eye Lift:
- Repeat above steps
- Apply tapes at temple on each side (sketch 8)

For Neck and Jaw Lift
- Take 2 lifting adhesive tapes and one short elastic band C Trim top hole portion of the adhesive tapes (sketch 9)
- Insert each end barb into hole from adhesive side of the tape (sketch 10)

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